Our stretch tents are designed with a modular linking system to join tents together to increase capacity, giving our clients greater flexibility for different sized events and ensuring a good rental return. Our advanced gutter joining system is specifically designed to be durable and waterproof and have been extensively tried and tested in the field. ​

Our multipoint tie off system used alongside naturally wind-friendly profiles ensures that our stretch tents are safe and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Our tents have a wind rating of up to 100km/hr and can withstand extreme weather conditions including snow.​


Multi-point Tie off system


Uniquely Engineered Fabrics

Our uniquely engineered flex tent fabrics are designed to maintain their ‘as new appearance’ and waterproof quality after many installations. They have a long lifespan and are UV and dirt protected guaranteeing longevity. ​


Modular Linking System

Modular Linking  Systems​

Fire Proof

All tents are certified and meet international fire standards including France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, UK and USA. ​


 Chino, White, Coffee, Platinum, Red, Blue, Black.  Custom colours are available on request and subject to minimum orders


All tents are guaranteed 100% water proof and weather resistant with wind speeds rated at 100km/hr ​

Safety Standards

All tents are rated to the European safety and security standard ENS17382 for temporary outdoor structures. This allows us to erect tents in public open spaces and we provide certification with every installation.​

Beautiful, durable stretch tents with  international certification

Our tents are designed to meet all event requirements. In addition, our beautiful stretch tents ensure that event is memorable, safe and spectacular. We only use the best available products. This applies from the smallest component to the largest parts. Our tents do not have a weak link. When you rent or buy a stretch tent, you invest in the following functionality and features:​

Superior quality, from the smallest to the largest parts